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HireStrong recognizes that the key to success is hiring the right people, and we work your job until it’s filled.

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With 20+ years of retained executive recruiting experience Hirestong clients get the best guarantee in the industry.

HireStrong is a reputable energy executive search recruiting firm based in Houston, Texas that specializes in sourcing and screening qualified professionals in the oil and gas industry and energy sector. The company’s highly experienced team has decades of combined experience and an extensive network of qualified professionals throughout the upstream, midstream, and downstream markets.

Find the best talent and build a solid team to take your oil and gas business to the next level with HireStrong’s executive search services. Trust their proven track record and vast network for quick and effective results.


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Renewable Energy

We recruit engineering, supply chain, and technical sales staff level professionals to c-suite executives for renewable energy companies.

Midstream Oil & Gas

We specialize in recruiting Chemical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Instrumentation Engineers, Controls Engineers, Project Managers, on up to C-Suite executives for the midstream market.

Supply Chain

We recruit supply chain professionals such as Buyers, Planners, Expeditors, Schedulers, Supply Chain Managers, Supply Chain Directors, and other supply chain professionals in the manufacturing & services industry primarily servicing oil & gas & the energy industry.

technical sales

We recruit Technical Sales & Business Development professionals in the oil & energy market

Manufacturing & Engineering

We recruit manufacturing engineers, design engineers, R&D Engineers, Project Engineers, Production Managers, Production Supervisors, Plant Managers, Engineering Managers, Engineering Directors, and similar type roles for the oil & gas, renewable energy, aerospace, and other manufacturing industries.

Connecting Employers with Qualified Engineers

The HireStrong team is committed to ensuring compatibility between employers and candidates. The energy recruiters possess expertise in recruiting engineers from various disciplines, including Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Controls, R&D, Instrumentation, and other specialized fields. They are capable of effectively sourcing and screening. They have gained a reputation as a reliable energy recruiter due to their successful placements ranging from engineers to executive leaders.

In addition to their expertise in oil and gas recruitment, HireStrong specializes in low-carbon capture solutions to help organizations reduce their environmental impact. Their team of experts is committed to finding professionals passionate about sustainability and can contribute to developing cost-effective and efficient solutions for reducing emissions. They ensure their candidates have the proper requirements, knowledge, and experience to succeed in these roles.

HireStrong is also experienced in sourcing professionals interested in hydrogen, ammonia, offshore wind, and other renewable energy products. They understand the unique challenges associated with these cutting-edge technologies and deeply understand how to find top talent who can help organizations make strides in producing sustainable products & services. Their knowledge and resources enable them to connect employers with qualified professionals who will help them achieve their goals.

Expansive Network and Database of Passive, Qualified Candidates

HireStrong has an expansive network of passive engineering candidates across all disciplines in Houston. They are committed to working with employers in the oil and gas industry to uncover hidden talent and connect them with highly experienced professionals who can bring value to their organization. They understand the importance of diversity and take pride in helping employers create a diverse and talented workforce.

In addition to their extensive network of talented engineers, HireStrong also provides value-added services such as assessment, reference checks, and interview coordination. Their team works closely with employers to find talent for their specific needs. Also, HireStrong’s personalized approach guarantees to find suitable talent for your business, and their value-added services streamline the hiring process.

Customized Recruitment Solutions

HireStrong understands that every organization has unique recruitment needs. That’s why they offer customized solutions tailored to each employer’s requirements. They work closely with clients to understand their business, culture, and goals to find the perfect recruit for their team.

Their recruitment process comprehensively evaluates candidates’ backgrounds, experience, skills, and values. They assess technical skills, communication abilities, and cultural fit to ensure they match the organization. HireStrong also assists with negotiating offers and onboarding new employees to ensure a smooth transition.

Why Choose HireStrong?

There are several reasons why HireStrong is the leading executive search for energy recruiters. Their team of experts has a deep understanding of the oil and gas industry, including its challenges and opportunities. They have an extensive network of candidates, including passive candidates, which enables them to find the right fit for every employer-candidate pair.

HireStrong’s commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact sets them apart from other recruiters. They understand the importance of finding professionals passionate about sustainability who can contribute to developing cost-effective and efficient solutions for reducing emissions. Their expertise in oil & gas manufacturing, gas processing, power generation, hydrogen, ammonia, and other renewable energy products enables them to connect employers with qualified professionals who can help them achieve their sustainability goals.

HireStrong prides itself on its personalized approach to recruitment. They understand that every employer has unique needs and requirements, and they work closely with their clients to develop a deep understanding of their organization’s culture and goals. By doing so, they can find suitable candidates with the right skills and experience and fit seamlessly into the company’s culture.

Their commitment to performing assessments and coordinating interviews distinguishes them from other energy recruiters. They take the time to thoroughly assess each candidate, ensuring they have the right skills and experience. Their team also coordinates all interviews, making the recruitment process seamless for employers.


HireStrong’s executive search firm is your one-stop solution for all your energy recruiting needs. With their expertise in low carbon capture solutions, renewable energy industry products, and an extensive network of qualified professionals in the oil and gas industry, they connect employers with top talent who can help them achieve their sustainability goals. Their value-added services, such as candidate assessment and interview coordination, set them apart from other recruiters. Contact HireStrong today to find the perfect candidate for your organization and take the first step toward a brighter, sustainable future.